Project Results

Project Results
First phase project aims

First phase project aims

The first phase of the SUCCEED project aims to acquire the views of employers, with particular emphasis on those engaged in the provision of systems supporting national critical infrastructure.

Four full afternoon workshops have been held with the primary goal of identifying what are seen, by the different sectors, as the key issues that employees should (i) be aware of, and (ii) where necessary have an appropriate skill set; all in respect of concern for counter terrorism, cybercrime and digital security.

  • Workshop 1: 9th December 2014 (at Staffordshire University)
  • Workshop 2: 18th February 2015 (at Newcastle University)
  • Workshop 3: 11th March 2015 (at Staffordshire University)
  • Workshop 4: 6th May 2015 (at Newcastle University)

Within their own organisations, participants were asked to identify areas where additional effort and resources would bring benefits (i.e. internally perceived “needs”). A significant degree of consensus was reached on the importance of the topics on the following list:

  • Staff training, focused on these problems
  • Commitment to relevant and ongoing investment
  • Clear, effective policy on BYOD
  • Policy for flexible working practices
  • Code of ethics
  • Awareness during recruitment
  • Employment contract terms